The Pinery Community Information

The first homes in The Pinery were built in the early 1970s. The community started slowly but eventually gained momentum, becoming the prestigious place to live that it is today. Many of the homes in The Pinery are on lots larger than one acre and are adjacent to open space. The surrounding Ponderosa pines, many approaching 200 years old, add to the privacy of the home lots. These trees are remains of large forests cut by the lumber industry which arose in response to the gold miners' who arrived in 1859 and their need for housing.

The Pinery and the town of Parker are located in Douglas County. Great natural beauty is found in the mountains, lakes, foothills and open plains of the county's 844 square miles with elevations ranging from 5,400 feet to 9,836 feet. Douglas County is located between Denver and Colorado Springs, the two largest cities in Colorado. The county will remain about 70% open with ranches, parks, farms and public open space. Pike National Forest, Roxborough State Park, Castlewood State Park and Chatfield State Recreation Area provide places to hike, camp, fish, and picnic. Views of the Rocky Mountains from the Pinery are expansive and range from as far south as Pike's Peak to as far north as the Twin Sisters Peaks.

Douglas County, named for Stephen A. Douglas, was created in 1861. The first settlers were Spanish and French explorers who arrived in the area in the early 1700s. Trappers and traders came next, in the 1800s. The Pikes Peak Gold Rush began in 1859 and created the largest population shift in U.S. history as thousands came to make their fortunes in the gold fields. Miners found Colorado to be a good place to live with a mild climate, plenty of sunshine and beautiful mountains and plains. The miners stayed after the gold played out, becoming some of the first residents in Denver and in the new cities in Douglas County and the surrounding areas.